Do you have a conflict of interest to declare?

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The University is committed to promoting a culture where conflicts of interest are identified, disclosed, and resolved or managed in a transparent, accountable and timely manner. 

Why are conflicts of interest a potential problem?

Trust is fundamental to our roles as public officers and as members of the University community. Conflicts of interest, whether potential, perceived or actual, can pose a risk to demonstrating honesty, openness and impartiality in fulfilling your professional duties and responsibilities.

Are all conflicts of interest wrong?

The existence of a conflict of interest, or a perceived or potential conflict of interest, does not necessarily imply wrongdoing, and it can be inevitable that conflicts of interest will arise. This means staff need to understand their responsibilities, consistently act in the interests of the University, and disclose and effectively manage conflicts of interest.

What changes do I need to know about?

Human Resources, Transforming Culture and the Integrity Unit are improving the management of conflicts of interest by introducing:

  • An updated declaration form
  • New training
    • New Conflict of Interest training will cover more information for staff to support people in identifying, disclosing and managing any conflicts of interest.
    • Workshops facilitated by the Integrity Unit will also be offered where possible, to further build knowledge and capabilities in identifying common conflicts of interest, how to minimise risks of conflicts of interest developing, and effectively managing conflict of interest disclosures. 
    • The new Conflict of Interest training is being rolled out progressively across the University over 2023 under the Ethics and Integrity training program. You will receive information on when the training is being offered to your area, and how to enrol, closer to the time.

For more information about the training, including questions about when it will be available or your area, contact

If you have a question about the conflict of interest form, contact HR Service Centre on (08) 8313 1111 or email

If you have questions about how to declare a conflict of interest, or the conflict of interest process generally, please contact HR Service Centre on (08) 8313 1111 or email

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