The Dornwell Framework

In 2015, the University launched the Dornwell Framework, the University’s first gender equity strategy for staff.

The Dornwell Framework 2020-2022 is organised around three areas of focus as follows:

  • strengthening leadership capability and accountability
  • building an empowered workforce
  • growing and strengthening the talent pipeline.

The Dornwell Action Plan 2019-2022 has been developed to assist with meeting the requirements of the Dornwell Framework.

Dornwell framework

About Edith Dornwell

Edith Dornwell, in 1885, became the University of Adelaide's first female graduate - and one of the first in the world - and the University's first science graduate.

A truly remarkable pioneer, Edith Dornwell was not only ahead of her male peers in achieving this milestone, but she gained her degree with high honours, the culmination of a distinguished academic record.

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The University of Adelaide: Pioneering Women’s Right to Higher Education

Gender relations and attitudes towards women have been very much to the fore in the current national political debate. At the centre of course is Australia’s first female Prime Minister. Many would know that Julia Gillard studied with the University of Adelaide between 1979 and 1981, and that it’s here that she first demonstrated a [...]

Graduation Day, 1885

The University’s commemoration ceremony of December 1885 was held on a hot Wednesday afternoon in the Library of the newly constructed University (later Mitchell) Building.  Degrees were granted to several students, most notably Edith Dornwell who in receiving her science degree become the University’s first female graduate, and among the first in the world. The [...]

The Research Centre for Women’s Studies (Part Two)

(From part one) The Research Centre for Women’s Studies seems from the outset to have been broadly supported across the University. A 1985 petition to secure permanent funding for the Centre, for example, gathered hundreds of signatures from across the various faculties: Indeed, the RCWS maintained a high profile during its first 18 months of operation with [...]

Edith Emily Dornwell and the Research Centre for Women’s Studies – Part One

1985 marked the centenary of the graduation of Edith Emily Dornwell, the University of Adelaide’s first woman graduate. Dornwell’s admittance to the degree of Bachelor of Science was notable as the University was second only to the University of London to grant degrees to women. The inclusion of a clause in the Royal Letters Patent allowing the [...]