Family-Friendly Leave

The University has the following family-friendly leave options available.

For details of leave conditions including eligibility refer to the University of Adelaide Enterprise Agreement 2023-2025.

For entitlements and related policies refer to the leave and entitlements procedure.

  • Carer's leave

    As part of their personal leave entitlement, staff other than casuals, are entitled to carer’s leave to provide care or support to a member of their family or household who is ill, injured or involved in an unexpected emergency.

  • Parental leave

    Eligible University of Adelaide staff may make a request for parental leave. Types of parental leave include:

    • Paid maternity leave
    • Paid adoption leave
    • Special paid parental leave
    • Shared paid parental leave
    • Concurrent partner leave
    • Unpaid parental leave.
  • Family violence leave

    The University recognises that some of its staff members may experience situations of violence and abuse in their domestic life which may impact on their attendance or performance at work.

    Staff experiencing this may apply for special paid leave of up to three days per calendar year for absences caused by emergency circumstances (as per clause 4.8 of the Enterprise Agreement).

    Staff may also apply for additional paid leave of up to two days per calendar year for the purposes of attending medical appointments, legal proceedings, seeking safe housing, or other activities related to dealing with family violence.

  • Compassionate leave

    Staff members (excluding casual staff) are eligible for compassionate leave up to three days, for occasions when a family member or member of their household develops an illness or sustains a personal injury that is serious and life-threatening, or dies.

    Compassionate leave is for the purpose of spending time with a member of their family or household who has contracted or developed the personal illness or sustained personal injury; or after the death of a member of the staff member's family or household.

  • Christmas close down

    The University closes down in the days between Christmas Day and New Year's Day, allowing staff the opportunity to take leave from work and enjoy personal time over this period.

    The first working day following Proclamation Day is referred to as "University Day". Subject to an area's requirement for a staff member to be on duty, staff members are entitled to have this day as leave without loss of ordinary pay.