During Parental Leave

During parental Leave
  • Keeping in touch with the University

    The preferred level of contact with the University whilst on parental leave will not be the same for everyone.  It is therefore important to set expectations around communication method, frequency, the type of information you wish to receive and any activities you would like to continue to be part of. “Keeping in touch” options could include:

    • A monthly phone call/email
    • Quarterly work updates
    • Invitations to social events and visits
    • No contact
    • Discuss other ideas that will work for you

    It is important to note that while you are on paid parental leave, you are not able to receive any additional pay due to participation in these activities. You are however able to take the equivalent hours as time in lieu at a time mutually agreeable with your supervisor upon your return to work

    If you are on unpaid parental leave, you are entitled to 10 Keeping in Touch Days. This is a good way to stay up to date with your work area, refresh your skills and assist you with your return to work. Further information about Keeping In Touch Days can be found here along with the Keeping in Touch Days Payment Claim Form

  • Parental leave frequently asked questions

    For the purpose of these FAQs, parental leave also refers to and is inclusive of both maternity leave and adoption leave for eligible University staff.

    Parental Leave Frequently Asked Questions

  • Preparing to return to work

     It is important to begin discussions early with your manager about your return to work arrangements. Return to work plans may include requests to work alternate arrangements, return to work earlier than the original nominated date or a change to part-time work. There are time lines and processes associated with these requests that you need to be aware of. Please refer to the Enterprise Agreement Section 4.5.10

    Staff members may elect to convert up to 12 weeks of their paid maternity/adoption/special paid parental leave entitlement to a return to work option.  Return to work options are available for both academic and professional staff and include for example the opportunity to employ a casual teaching staff/research assistant, or access to attend a conference or job-related training course.

    Speak to your line manager or HR Advisor to discuss how this option could work for you