Leading at Adelaide

Leading at Adelaide is the leadership development framework that supports the development of leadership excellence across the University.

Leading at Adelaide

The Leading at Adelaide handbook outlines the University's leadership development framework.

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The framework is underpinned by seven critical leadership capabilities which apply to all levels of leaders. Capability development is embedded in all components of the University’s Leadership Development Programs and supplementary of leadership development workshops and activities such as the Leaders' and Influencers forums.

The Leading at Adelaide Framework also informs:

  • The development of position descriptions for leadership roles
  • The selection process for appointment to new and/or vacant leadership positions
  • Planning, Development and Review (PDR) for leaders, including development planning for existing and aspiring leaders.
  • Leadership groups

    Leading at Adelaide involves all levels of leadership at the University of Adelaide. Five leadership groups have been identified:

    Leadership groups
    Frontline Leaders Supervisors and Team Leaders who work directly with our teaching, research and professional staff
    Professional Staff Leaders Professional Staff Leaders ensure we have the people, resources, processes and systems to enable excellent staff performance and research achievements
    Research and Teaching Leaders Research and Teaching Leaders uphold and build on our high academic standards, delivering research and teaching excellence
    Senior Leaders Senior Leaders include Heads of School, Deputy Heads of School, Directors, Associate Directors and others at this level. Senior Leaders shape the direction and set the standards for leaders in research, teaching and professional services nationally and internationally
    Executive Leaders Executive Leaders position the University for world class status, set the standards for the desired culture and lead senior leaders in making change happen
  • Leadership capabilities

    All leadership development is underpinned by the University's seven critical leadership capabilities. Identified by a range of our senior University leaders, these capabilities represent the foundation of the leadership capability the University requires to achieve its current and future strategy.

    In summary the critical leadership capabilities are:

    Leadership capabilities
    Strategic thinking and acting
    • Focusing externally and internally on the things that matter most and considering them from multiple perspectives
    • Bringing insight and innovation to identifying a desirable future strategic position
    • Stimulating progress by communicating the underlying need and purpose for change
    • Implementing an integrated plan to bring about desired changes
    Responsiveness in decision making
    • In the face of ambiguity, making swift decisions in the best interests of the University
    • Clearly communicating the decision, its rationale and reasoning
    • Implementing them with a bias for action
    Leading change toward higher performance
    • Stimulating and guiding deliberate progress toward a clear and engaging goal
    • Supporting people as they and their work groups transition to the new reality
    • Anticipating and removing barriers to progress and maintaining momentum toward success
    Thinking and acting as one team
    • Identifying with the whole of the University as much as with one's own area
    • Thinking 'one-team', collaborating across boundaries and promoting cohesion with others
    Communicating with influence and impact
    • Influencing others' thinking, attitude and action through convincing dialogue based on profound knowledge and credible reasoning
    • Telling a great story with conviction
    • Handling sensitive information and delicate situations diplomatically
    Fostering excellence in learning and inquiry
    • Actively seeking emergent and leading opinion and considering multiple viewpoints Promoting team and organisational learning by encouraging and guiding reflection on work practices to nourish the wisdom of experience and transform knowledge into know-how
    Exemplifying personal drive and integrity
    • Embodying the University's values, being a model of ethical conduct and guiding and supporting others to do the same
    • Constantly aspiring to standards of excellence
    • Persisting through barriers towards goal achievement

     To download a copy of the Leading at Adelaide Capabilities, please click here