MyLearning is a new staff learning management system (LMS) that enables the tracking and management of staff learning and development against individual records. It is designed to manage staff learning, link learning records to staff database, provide automated notifications, and deliver enhanced data and reporting.

The University is undertaking a phased introduction of MyLearning to all staff. Currently four Ethics and Integrity modules have been launched through MyLearning.

Log on to MyLearning

Below are quick information guides to support the use of MyLearning platform.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • I am unable to access a course on MyLearning

    If you are having trouble accessing the MyLearning platform, please check if:

    • you are connected to our University’s computer network. If you are outside campus, connect to VPN (GlobalProtect) 
    • using a different browser helps (or an incognito window) especially when you have multiple PeopleSoft applications open. Avoid using Safari browser due to compatibility issues. Clear your cache and cookies as well.
    • the correct link is being used:

    If you still cannot access MyLearning, your profile maybe locked. Contact HR Service Centre (8313 1111) to assist.

  • How can I confirm that a learning has been completed?

    Post course completion, the MyLearning landing page (Employee Self Service) should update within 5 minutes to reflect the completion status. Make sure you refresh the homepage.

    Alternatively, you will receive an automated email within an hour to confirm course completion.

  • I cannot find the enrolment email notification; how can I access the course?

    If you have been enrolled to a course, you should be able to access it when you log into MyLearning. If you have been asked to self-enrol, use the ‘Find Learning’ option within MyLearning landing page to enrol into the course.

    Please note if you have completed a course, avoid re-enrolling to the same course unless specially directed by your manager to repeat the learning.

  • I have logged in, but unable to view course content.

    If you are attempting to access MyLearning using the Safari browser, please note that there are compatibility issues between Canvas and Safari that can prevent some videos or pop-ups from working. Also ensure that your bowser does not have pop-up blockers on, as these could prevent the content from progressing.

  • A staff member from my team will not be able to complete the course within the allocated timeframe.

    It is recommended that courses be completed within the allocated time however staff members will be able to access the course after the due date as well.