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Bachelor of Science (Marine Biology)

Degree Type Bachelor

Duration 3 years full-time or part-time equiv.

SATAC Code 324431

CRICOS 057802F

Marine Biology is all about the largest and most diverse ecosystem on the planet - the sea. It is strange that our planet is named Earth when most of it is sea, and stranger that many graduates train in tropical seas when the bulk of jobs are in temperate (Antarctic to sub-tropical) seas. Most of Australia’s population lives on temperate coasts. For this reason, we prepare graduates for work on these coasts by demonstrating the problems and needs facing marine industry and conservation. 

Students of this program have access to staff who are nationally and internationally acclaimed for research excellence. There is also a strong emphasis on providing students with field experience. Students use the same equipment that is used in pioneering research across the northern and southern hemispheres. 

This program prepares graduates for careers in marine biology via training in the use of coherent, logical procedures and rigorous experimental planning for practical work in the field and laboratory. There is demand for people with these skills in temperate marine biology.

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Last updated: Thursday, 21 Jan 2016