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Diploma in Arts

Degree Type Diploma

Duration 1 year full-time or part-time equiv.

SATAC Code 316181


The Diploma in Arts allows students to pursue studies in one of the Arts majors while completing an undergraduate degree (usually in faculties other than Arts). It is also open to students who have already completed an undergraduate degree who want to complement their studies, pursue studies in a different field, or ‘upskill’ for professional development purposes (eg. secondary school teachers). It is the equivalent to a full major (24 units) and, for students enrolled in an undergraduate degree, generally adds a further year to the length of studies. The Diploma in Arts will allow students who have already graduated with a bachelor degree to progress to an honours year or further postgraduate study in a different field. The Diploma is offered in any of the Arts majors listed in the Bachelor of Arts program other than languages.

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Last updated: Tuesday, 15 Aug 2017