Master of Mathematical Sciences Mid-Year Entry

Degree Type Masters by Coursework
Duration 2 years full-time
or part-time equiv.
SATAC Code 3CM197
CRICOS 092240M

The Master of Mathematical Sciences allows students with a background in a related field to expand their knowledge in the mathematical sciences to an advanced level. Students may specialise by choosing courses in the disciplines of applied mathematics, pure mathematics, and statistics. These courses provide valuable training in academic literacy and research skills, as well as discipline-specific knowledge.

Applied mathematics uses mathematical techniques to answer questions about the world around us; such answers may be in the form of insights, explanations, solutions or predictions. Pure mathematics studies abstract theories built by logical deduction that underpin modern science and technology. Statistics solves real-world problems by appropriately collecting, analysing and modelling data.

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Last updated: Monday, 9 Jul 2018