Graduate Diploma in Addiction and Mental Health

Degree Type Graduate Diploma
Duration 1 year full-time
or part-time equiv.
SATAC Code 3GD054

Investigate pathways to wellbeing

Addiction and mental illness are two of the biggest concerns in today’s world. Both are rampant and taking enormous tolls on individuals and society.

Our Graduate Diploma in Addiction and Mental Health provides a broad understanding of these issues and their treatment. What are the underlying causes of addiction and mental ill health? How can we mitigate harm, support recovery and treat more than just symptoms?

What will you do?

  • Study the scientific bases of addiction, mental illness and related comorbidities.
  • Investigate evidence-based treatments and interventions.
  • Compare and analyse mental health and addiction data.
  • Explore relevant national policy.
  • Build advanced research skills.

Where could it take you?

This diploma will be beneficial to a range of professions that interact with addiction and mental health. These might include medical practitioners, nurses, psychologists, social workers, pharmacists, educators, law enforcement officers and counsellors. You could also take on senior roles in a drug and alcohol organisations. You might design and implement educational campaigns and programs. Perhaps you’ll advise on policy or work in public health research.

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Last updated: Friday, 14 May 2021