Health and Medical Sciences

  1. Develop relevant and transferable skills suited to multiple careers in health
  2. Flexible degrees offer a choice of seven majors from areas across health and medical sciences
  3. Global study opportunities provide an increased awareness of world health issues

Studying Health and Medical Sciences at the University of Adelaide can open doors to a variety of exciting and rewarding careers in health. With a range of majors available, students have the opportunity to specialise in clinical trials, medical sciences, neurosciences, addiction and mental health, nutritional health, public health, and reproductive and childhood health. Graduates will be well- equipped to improve the health of individuals and populations across a range of roles in research, government, business and community health settings; as well as being ready for further study or research. If looking to take the knowledge and experience one step further, the advanced degree will prepare students for leadership and entrepreneurial positions within these sectors, and allow them to develop a career which will make a global health impact.

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