Bachelor of Veterinary Technology New

Degree Type Bachelor
Duration 3 years full-time
or part-time equiv.
SATAC Code 354091

Lead transformative animal care

Also known as para-veterinary health care specialists, veterinary technologists play a vital role in modern animal welfare. As well as providing high-level, hands-on veterinary care, including the use of anaesthesia and analgesics, they oversee the application of cutting-edge new veterinary technology.

Data-driven apps, wearable devices, telemedicine—a steady stream of advanced new tools is reimagining what’s possible in the clinical environment. As a veterinary technologist, you can ensure it delivers maximum benefit to animals’ health and wellbeing.

What will you do?

Our Bachelor of Veterinary Technology is part of the University’s world-top-50 suite of veterinary science and veterinary-related degrees*. Studied over three years full-time, it will give you:

  • high-level practical skills in caring for all kinds of animals—from cats, dogs and horses, to farm animals, wildlife and exotic pets
  • the ability to independently operate state-of-the-art veterinary technologies
  • training and experience in the use of anaesthetic and analgesic drugs
  • deep knowledge of animal diseases, including those threatening humans
  • over 500 hours of hands-on clinical experience
  • regular access to our world-class, $37 million Veterinary Health Centre.

In third-year you’ll also have the opportunity to specialise in: small animals; anaesthesia; imaging; equine; farming; or practice management. And you’ll collaborate with Veterinary Bioscience and Doctor of Veterinary Medicine students throughout the degree, reflecting real-world workplace interactions.

Where could it take you?

You’ll graduate ready to step straight into high-level animal-care roles in a wide range of industry settings. You could oversee imaging or anaesthesia services for a veterinary hospital or clinic. You might care for big cats in an open-range zoo. Perhaps you’ll train biosecurity emergency-response personnel. You could even support important animal research, or—with further study—lead it yourself.


*QS World University Rankings by Subject Area, 2019.

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Last updated: Thursday, 20 Jun 2019