Professional Certificate in International Trade

Degree Type Professional Certificate
Duration 6 months (part-time equiv.
SATAC Code 3PC004

A competitive edge in a globalised world

Our planet and its populations deserve an equitable and prosperous future. To secure this kind of progress, we need practical, informed collaboration at the global level.

Our Professional Certificate in International Trade provides the skills and knowledge needed to do just this.

What will you do?

This intensive degree consists of two core courses built around understanding international negotiations, agreements, strategies and opportunities. You will:

  • gain practical insights into the political dynamics of trading environments
  • understand the roles of key domestic, regional and global players
  • consider challenges facing your industry in a globalised future
  • learn leveraging strategies through case-based learning experiences.

Where could it take you?

Your role on the global stage is dictated only by your own ambition. You might advise on local or international trade policy. You could market products across different countries. Perhaps you’ll be an investment consultant, trade agreements negotiator, corporate export manager or economic researcher.

Note: This program is offered in trimester mode with intakes in January, May and September.

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Last updated: Wednesday, 15 Jan 2020