Professional Certificate in Business Studies New

Degree Type Professional Certificate
Duration 3 months full-time
or part-time equiv.
SATAC Code 3PC010

Upskill with business savvy

The capacity to adapt professionally has never been more valuable—and our new Professional Certificate of Business Studies provides an incredibly flexible catalyst for your career progress.

Add business savvy to existing specialist training and knowledge, upskill to improve your employability, or lay the foundations for more advanced study—all in less than a year.


What will you do?

Conducted over just six months part-time, the program will equip you with essential business- and management-related knowledge in your chosen field(s). You’ll choose two courses from a suite of 16, ranging from accounting and finance, to entrepreneurship, design thinking, marketing and project leadership.

You will graduate with the skills and confidence to:

  • apply coherent and developed knowledge of business-related concepts in diverse commercial contexts using critical thinking
  • apply effective problem-solving, design and decision-making methods to conceive and communicate innovative solutions to complex business problems, in a range of commercial contexts.

Depending on your course choices, you could also gain the ability to conduct basic data analysis to enable evidence-based, value-creating business decisions.


Where could it take you?

You’ll emerge ready to step up and play your part in the business setting of your choosing. You might use the qualification to complement other discipline-specific skills and training. It could give you a foot in a new industry’s door. Perhaps you’ll use it as a springboard into further business-related study, with a graduate certificate, graduate diploma, or masters.

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Last updated: Friday, 11 Dec 2020