Professional Certificate in Environmental Policy and Management Mid-Year Entry

Degree Type Professional Certificate
Duration 3 months full-time
or part-time equiv.
SATAC Code 3PC002

Get the job done

Responding effectively to environmental problems involves far more than applying scientific knowledge, or the ‘top-down’ regulation of people and their environments.

The future of our planet relies on informed and creative thinking around policy and practice. This kind of environmental expertise is critical and in high demand. 

What will you do?

Our Professional Certificate in Environmental Policy and Management provides a six-month fast track to making a real difference. You will:

  • explore environmental economics, governance and planning in depth
  • address how the signature environmental issues of our time are to be managed—from deforestation to global warming and water shortages
  • consider how ethics can shape environmental policy and management in different domains
  • build advanced research skills.

Where could it take you?

You could set up environmental programs for the public to air their concerns or better understand issues that affect them. You might negotiate environmental policy design with private businesses and government sectors. Perhaps you’ll help implement economic incentives or decentralised solutions to environmental problems.

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Last updated: Tuesday, 9 Mar 2021