Graduate Diploma in Data Science (Applied)

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Uncover opportunities, inform innovation

Data science is everywhere. In every industry and sector—from business, manufacturing and defence, to health, education and the arts—it’s shaping directions and driving decisions at every level. Consequently, the ability to apply data can take your career virtually anywhere.

Jobs in the field have increased over 650% since 2012, and even stronger growth is predicted in the coming decade. Our Graduate Diploma of Data Science (Applied)(Online) puts it all within your reach.


What will you do?

Conducted part-time only over 1.3 years, this highly flexible online program will equip you to apply data science principles effectively and confidently in your chosen professional field. You will:

  • gain deep understanding of data science’s technical practice, management and strategic impact in multiple industry contexts
  • build high-level skills in evaluating and applying best-practice analytics tools and techniques in real-world settings
  • expand your awareness of global perspectives on data science through examining case studies drawn from a diverse range of disciplines and domains.

You’ll also develop the highly effective interpersonal skills needed to communicate your data science strategies and analysis persuasively with a range of audiences.


Where could it take you?

You’ll graduate well-prepared to apply data science skills in your chosen industry. You could identify latent opportunities to gain competitive advantage with new products or services. You might find evidence-based ways to streamline curriculum or training delivery for more effective learning. Perhaps you’ll uncover ways to accelerate trauma patients’ rehabilitation, or increase attendance at cultural events.

Entry Requirements

For more information on this program, visit the program website.

Fees and Scholarships

For more information on this program, visit the program website.


Potential careers

Business Data Analyst, Data Analyst, Data scientist , Database Coordinator

Degree Structure

For more information about this program please visit the program website.


The Masters of Architecture provided me with opportunities to challenge the conventional and develop innovative design solutions that consider place, people and environment. I developed a broad, evolving skill set which is proving invaluable in my work in architectural practice.

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