Graduate Diploma in Psychology (Advanced)

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Progress rapidly in the psychological domain

This accelerated, advanced program provides an ideal platform from which to step into the professional world of psychology. Conveniently studied part-time over just 1.3 years—100% online—it offers the equivalent learning of a psychology bachelor degree’s honours year.

Successful completion will open many rewarding career paths.

What will you do?

Developed by the University’s world-class, research-active psychology academics, including titleholders working in clinical practice, the degree is highly practical and industry-informed. You will:

  • gain significant capability in effective questioning, rapport building and empathic responding
  • learn about important psychological assessment and testing considerations, including key ethical issues and cultural responsiveness
  • understand when and how to apply appropriate psychological concepts and interventions
  • acquire advanced research design and analysis capabilities, and the ability to apply them to complex real-world problems
  • hone skills in the effective presentation of your research findings to a variety of audiences.

Where could it take you?

You could continue studying to become a registered psychologist. You might go on to a research master’s or PhD. Or perhaps you’ll apply your psychological skills and insight directly in the workforce, enhancing both your own performance and that of those around you.

Entry Requirements

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Fees and Scholarships

For more information on this program, visit the program website.


Degree Structure


Forensic odontology is a form of service to the community. Identity is a human right and the process of identification is a legal, social and ethical requirement. It also helps the grieving loved ones commence the rites and rituals that mark the end of life. It is exciting to feel that I am using my knowledge to help the community and work with police officers, detectives, firearm and fingerprint analysts, anthropologists, pathologists, the Coroner and odontologists both in SA, other states and even overseas.

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