Bachelor of Science and Entrepreneurship Mid-Year Entry

Degree Type Bachelor
Duration 3 years full-time
or part-time equiv.
SATAC Code 334001
CRICOS 096333G

Step into the innovation arena

Artificial intelligence and technical innovation are expanding at a rapid speed. Change has become the only constant. Fluency in both science and entrepreneurship will set you up to embrace, benefit and thrive financially in a transforming world.

Entrepreneurs and scientific innovators find solutions and open doors. They bring evidence-based ideas under the spotlight and work fearlessly until new realities emerge. 

What will you do?

Our Bachelor of Science and Entrepreneurship will teach you about technologies driving change and how to seize opportunities arising through those same changes. You will:

  • develop deep discipline knowledge in your chosen science area
  • apply science skills to real-world problems and business opportunities
  • consider start-up funding, marketing, risks and ethics
  • develop business plans for potential ventures
  • spend a quarter of your time learning from industry experts in the University’s Entrepreneurship, Commercialisation and Innovation Centre
  • access the University’s ThincLab Incubator(s).

You can also earn course credit by taking part in the Australian eChallenge—a competition-based learning experience that develops strategic business thinking for early-stage entrepreneurial ventures. 

Where could it take you?

We can’t wait to find out! You might clear the ocean of plastics or promote disease-resistant crops. You could market anti-aging capsules. Perhaps you’ll solve the energy crisis, found the next fortune 500 company or offer tours in space. When you combine science with entrepreneurship, the limit extends to the sky and beyond. 

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Last updated: Tuesday, 9 Apr 2019