Energy, Mining and Resources

The energy, mining and resources sector underpins all areas of modern society—from powering our cities and vehicles to the smartphones in our pockets.

As new technologies and practices such as drones, data science, virtual and augmented reality are adopted to make the sector safer, more competitive and more sustainable, the need for a highly skilled current and future workforce has never been greater^.

Ranked #7 in the world^^ for mineral and mining engineering and the only South Australian university offering specialised resources engineering degrees, the University of Adelaide will equip you with the expertise to shape our energy and resources future.

^ Deloitte Insights 2021 Mining Industry Trends report, 2021
^^ Australian Ranking of World Universities, 2021

  • Ranked No.7 in the world for mineral and mining engineering*
  • Only university in Australia offering specialised courses in mine automation
  • Jobs in STEM are growing twice as fast as other occupations**

*Australian Ranking of World Universities 2021
**DESE, 2020

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University can be a daunting experience, especially as a female enrolling in a male dominated degree. Moving from country South Australia made my initial University experience even more stressful.

By involving myself in various University societies and volunteering opportunities, as well as part-time work, I soon became comfortable with my new student-city lifestyle. By stepping out of my comfort zone, I have had an amazing University experience and I will finish my degree with lifelong friendships, an outstanding education and a fantastic graduate opportunity.