Master of Applied Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Campus Online
Degree Type Masters by Coursework
Duration 1.5 years full-time
or part-time equiv.

We are no longer accepting applications for the on-line version of this programme. However, we welcome applications for our on-campus version which also offers a flexible delivery mode.

Innovation and entrepreneurship are at the heart of economic growth and development. An entrepreneurial mindset and the ability to innovate sets individuals (and their organisations) apart. They are more likely to succeed, build sustainable organisations and create wealth for their stakeholders and the community.

The Master of Applied Innovation and Entrepreneurship develops and inspires creative individuals with an interest in developing innovative ventures that have the potential to significantly impact markets, economies and communities.

We offer students the advanced knowledge and practical skills required to assess and implement new ideas, create and manage ambitious new ventures, develop entrepreneurial management practices and create supportive environments that foster and enable innovation.

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Last updated: Monday, 29 Apr 2019