HSW Handbook approval - Smoke-free University

The revised Smoke-free University HSW Handbook chapter is now available on the HSW Website.

The key changes to the chapter for noting are  –

  • The inclusion of e-cigarette products in the scope of the chapter
    This is in response to a change in the legislation.  As of 31 March 2019, e-cigarette products in SA are also now regulated through the Tobacco and E-Cigarette Products Act 1997.
    The new laws cover all e-cigarette products (including e-cigarettes and accessories such as cartridges and liquids) and tobacco.
  • In line with changes made previously to the chapter “Provision of Information, Instruction and Training”, the requirement to record the provision of information (i.e. local induction) on the School/Branch/area Training Needs Analysis has been removed.
    Information to inform staff, students and visitors of a “Smoke-free University” will be provided through campus signage, the University induction (for staff) and the HSW Website.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact the Central HSW Team.

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