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Dry ice handling and storage

A worker has been seriously injured following an incident where a sealed glass bottle containing dry ice has exploded

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Transition to GHS 7 webinar

Safe Work Australia has published a new webinar to help businesses navigate the transition to GHS 7.

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Workplace exposure standards review

Safe Work Australia is reviewing the workplace exposure standards for airborne contaminants to ensure they continue to be based on high quality, contemporary evidence and supported by a rigorous scientific approach.

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Revised FAQS – PPE: hand and arm protection (V2.0)

The information on the PPE FAQs for hand and arm protection have been reviewed, to ensure the HSW guidance information is correct and aligns with current hazard management requirements and responsibilities.  

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Revised FAQS – Student Placement (V4.0)

The information on the Student placement FAQ has been reviewed to ensure the HSW guidance information for student placements is correct.  The only minor change to the current information is the addition of the requirement for any incidents/injuries to be reported to the University using the UniSafe app or on-line reporting system.

[Read more about Revised FAQS – Student Placement (V4.0)]

Revised FAQs – Smoke-free University (V5.0)

The information on the Smoke-free University FAQ has been revised to assist staff, students and those who share our workplace to understand and implement the requirements for a Smoke-free University and the Smoke-free Handbook chapter.

[Read more about Revised FAQs – Smoke-free University (V5.0)]

HSW Stakeholder Consultation - Revised Hazard Management chapter (4.0)

A minor revision to the current Hazard Management chapter (V3.1) (sections 3.2 and 4.1) has been made, to ensure the Head of School/Branch or Executive Dean/Division Head raises a risk under the University’s Risk management framework, for any high/very high residual risk activities (i.e. where they are intending to authorise the activity as documented). 

[Read more about HSW Stakeholder Consultation - Revised Hazard Management chapter (4.0)]

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