Coping with anxiety as COVID-19 restrictions ease


The easing of public health restrictions in South Australia on November 23rd, 2021, is a big milestone and something to celebrate.

It’s also a huge shift in what we have become used to. Many people are surprised to find they have mixed feelings as we await lockdowns and restrictions to lift. If you’re feeling anxious or worried during this time, you’re not alone.

Even if you are not typically an anxious person, it’s common to feel some anxiety during periods of change or uncertainty.Worrying about physical safety, catching or spreading COVID-19 or what could happen in our workplaces is normal. It’s important to try to get the risks into perspective managing what is in your control and noticing when anxiety is taking control of your thoughts.

For some tips on recognising anxiety in yourself and others and adjusting to changes in times of uncertainty, download the Human Psychology tip sheet.

For more information and support, visit our Employee Assistance Program website.

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