New HSW Handbook Chapter - Management of Controlled Substances and Controlled Plants

A new HSW handbook chapter, Management of controlled substances and controlled plants, has been endorsed and uploaded to the HSW website.

The key objectives of the new chapter are to ensure that:

  • those who possess, use, store and dispose of controlled substances and plants, whilst undertaking University work, understand and meet legislative requirements,
  • hazards associated with controlled substances and plants are identified, assessed and that effective control measures are in place,
  • unauthorised access to or loss of controlled substances and plants is minimised, and
  • incidents/injuries involving controlled substances and plants are reported and investigated.

The new chapter expands elements of the HSW Chemical safety management handbook chapter that relate to controlled substances and controlled plants, given the high level of regulation required under the Controlled Substances Act 1984 and associated Regulations. The Chemical safety management handbook chapter will remain in place without the controlled substances section.

Feel free to contact the HSW team if you would like more information about these changes.

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