New online information session - Incident reporting & investigation for supervisors

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A new online information session has been uploaded to the HSW website.

Incident reporting & investigation for supervisors - UniSafe

Course aim: This information session provides a general overview of the University of Adelaide’s expectation when responding to and investigating safety issues.

Course content: This session is aimed at supervisors involved in incident response and investigation process.

This information session will cover:

  • Why we want people to report safety issues
  • Prevention and supervisor support
  • Response to reports
  • Safety issue types and classification
  • What information will the HSWO need?
  • Incident investigations
  • Notifiable incidents and what happens when the Regulator comes to visit?
  • Tips for using and promoting UniSafe
  • Final thoughts and more information

Suitable for: Supervisors

Duration: 20 Minutes

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Further information

Should you require further information please contact your local HSW contact.

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