HSW Handbook chapter update - HSR and HSW Consultation

The new Health and Safety Representative and HSW Consultation Chapter of the University of Adelaide’s Health, Safety and Wellbeing Handbook has been updated and uploaded to the HSW website.

This new chapter brings together current processes that were previously documented and communicated on the University’s HSW web site. The new chapter outlines:

  • Supervisor responsibilities to consult with relevant workers on HSW matters such as when identifying hazards and assessing risks to health and safety and when proposing changes that may affect the health or safety of workers; and
  • Head of Faculty responsibility to maintain an HSW Committee to support consultation with elected HSRs, worker and management representatives; and
  • The process for the election of HSRs and guidance on their role, powers, functions and training entitlements under the WHS Act 2012 and WHS Regulations 2012; and
  • The University’s dispute avoidance and settlement procedure for HSRs.

Please note that information sheets (frequently asked questions), the HSR portal and other web based information (as linked in the chapter) will be uploaded to the HSW website in due course providing additional information and guidance on consultation processes and the role of HSRs.

Further information

Please refer to the new Health and Safety Representative and HSW Consultation Chapter  and contact your local HSWO for enquiries.


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