Staff Gender Equity Committee

The Staff Gender Equity Committee (SGEC) takes a proactive and strategic role in progressing the equity and diversity agenda for staff in the University.

The wellbeing of our University community is paramount, and we are committed to ensuring the University is a safe, respectful and inclusive environment for every member of our community. The SGEC strongly supports the work of the ICAC Response Steering Group to adopt all of the recommendations made by ICAC.

Committee members

  • Professor Laura Parry, Interim Pro Vice-Chancellor (Research)
  • Ms. Paula Ward, Executive Director, Human Resources
  • Dr Kim Barbour,  Associate Dean, GEDI, Arts
  • Professor Kapil Chousalkar, Director, GEDI, Faculty of Sciences
  • Associate Professor Duygu Yengin, Director, GEDI, Professions
  • Dr Shona Crabb, Associate Dean, GEDI, Health & Medical Sciences
  • Mrs Maria Gonzalez Perdomo, Acting Associate Dean, GEDI, Faculty of ECMS
  • Professor Eileen Scott, Professor Emerita
  • Dr Claudia Szabo, ALLY Network
  • Dr Annina Cavelti Kee, Diversity and Inclusion Specialist, Human Resources


Terms of reference

The terms of reference for SGEC are to:

  • Establish, maintain, monitor and promote the outcomes of a University-wide gender equity framework for staff, including establishing strategies for improving gender participation rates.
  • Establish, monitor and engage local area staff gender equity action plans.
  • Foster the inclusion of staff and students who identify as LGBTIQ through oversight of the University’s Ally Network and development of appropriate policy.
  • Engage with and monitor the activities of Gender Equity & Diversity Committees in each faculty as these pertain specifically to staff gender equity.
  • Make recommendations to the Vice-Chancellor and President through the Vice-Chancellor’s Executive on matters relating to the committee’s terms of reference.