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Forms and Information:
Core Component of The Structured Program

  • What is the CCSP?

    The Core Component of the Structured Program (CCSP) is the first major progress milestone you will complete following candidature commencement; it is due at six months or half-time equivalent from your start date in candidature. The primary purpose of the CCSP is to ensure that you have formulated a research proposal that is both academically rigorous and of a scope that is appropriate for completion within the timeframe of your degree.  In defining your research proposal you will address, in partnership with your supervisors, a range of financial, resource, intellectual property, ethical, data and authorship considerations.

  • CCSP Timeframe and Workflow Maps
  • CCSP Checklist (Student)

    Before you begin, please work through the checklist to ensure that you will have on hand all of the information that you require to complete the form.

    Before accessing the form
    • Check your personal details in Access Adelaide and update them if necessary.  If you are unfamiliar with Access Adelaide, please familiarise yourself with the Access Adelaide guide for Postgraduate Research Students;
    • Check your supervisors and their roles and percentages of responsibility are accurately recorded in Access Adelaide.  ONLY your official principal supervisor will be able to approve your online CCSP (your co-supervisor(s) will have view only access), therefore, it is essential that you advise the Graduate Centre of any changes by completing the Change of Supervisor Details form before you commence the review process;
    • Check that your candidature details (e.g. research topic, attendance status) are accurately recorded. If any changes are required, you will need to complete the relevant form, available on the Candidature Management forms and information web page and lodge it with the Adelaide Graduate Centre.
    Student Details
    Conduct of Research
    Project Considerations
    • Complete your Research Proposal on the relevant Faculty Template
    • Present a School seminar on your proposed Research Proposal (where required by your School)
    • Estimate the total costs of your research (in addition to basic infrastructure support)
    • Obtain Animal, Human and/or Gene Technology ethics clearances and clearance numbers if applicable for your proposed research
    • Complete Animal Ethics training, if applicable, and obtain the required certificate of completion.
    • Complete any required Hazard training and record the date(s) of training undertaken.
    • Intellectual Property (IP):
      • If your project is being carried out for or with others outside of the University, obtain copies of any relevant agreements with these organisations
      • Obtain details of any external organisation you are employed by that might reasonably have an interest in the IP developed for the project or in the confidential information
      • Refer to the FAQs for assistance in completing the IP section
    • Determine if you will require access to any restricted data/materials
    • Prepare a Data Management plan on the approved template (unless you are undertaking theoretical research in Pure Mathematics)
    • Familiarise yourself with the University’s Research Data and Primary Materials policy
    Research Environment
    • Consider your level of access to minimum resources which are necessary for your project as listed in the form.
    • Identify whether the School can provide a funding allocation to support the ancillary costs of your research per annum (e.g. conference travel) and record the amount.
    • Consider any major items of equipment/facilities that you will require access to, whether internal or external to the University, and the required frequency of access
    • Discuss authorship of any publications arising from your research with your supervisors and any external parties and document your Authorship agreement.
    • Read the University’s Plagiarism policy
    Career and Research Skills Training (CaRST)
    • Complete the Skills and Plan sections of CaRST Online and ensure your completed CaRST activities are up to date. 
    • Then create a CaRST Progress Summary PDF: navigate to the ‘Review’ page in CaRST Online, click the ‘Generate PDF’ button, and save as PDF.
    • Please note that the CCSP form is yet to be updated and still asks for your Development Plan and CaRST record. You may submit your CaRST Progress Summary PDF for both.
    • For more information, visit the CaRST Online FAQ page.
  • What is the Process for completing the online CCSP?
    Completing the Review (Student)
    •  At least three weeks in advance of the required completion date for your CCSP, organise a mutually convenient time to meet with your supervisory panel to:
      • Review your Research Proposal and the associated funding, ethics, IP, data management and resource needs
      • Review your Career and Research Skills Training (CaRST) Skills Assessment, Development Plan, and record of CaRST activities completed to date in CaRST Online
      • Review your progress since you started in candidature
      • Work through the CCSP checklist.
    • Following (or during) your meeting with your supervisors, complete all the student sections of the online form ensuring that all information provided is accurate and correct. 
    • Submit the form to your Principal Supervisor for consideration at least two weeks prior to the due date.
    CCSP Tracking (Student)
    • After submitting your portion of the CCSP to your Principal Supervisor in the recommended timeframe, ensure you regularly log back into your CCSP dashboard to track the progress of approvals by your Principal Supervisor and the School Approver.  It is your responsibility to ensure that your Principal Supervisor and School Approver action the form and submit it to the Graduate Centre prior to the due date
    • If your CCSP has not been actioned within the recommended timeframe by your Principal Supervisor please follow up with them to request that they review and action the form.
    • If there are extenuating circumstances that will affect your ability (or your School’s) to complete and lodge the CCSP by the due date, ensure that you discuss the situation with your Principal Supervisor and request that he or she apply for an extension on your behalf by emailing the Adelaide Graduate Centre. The email should detail the length of extension sought (typically one month) and the reasons for the request.
    Completing the Review (Principal Supervisor)
    •  On receipt of your submitted CCSP, your Principal Supervisor will review the information you have provided, make comments in response on behalf of your Supervisory Panel and provide an assessment of your level of progress relative to the standards and timeframe for completion of your degree. 
    • If there is any further information or changes required, your Principal Supervisor has the ability to return the form to you for amendment, including comments outlining the changes required.  You will then be able to edit your CCSP form and resubmit it to your Principal Supervisor for further review.
    • The Principal Supervisor will be asked to nominate a School Approver to authorise the completed CCSP on behalf of the School.  This will normally be the Postgraduate Coordinator (PGC), however, where the PGC is a member of your supervisory panel, another authorised School Approver will be selected.
    CCSP View only access (Co-Supervisor/External Supervisor)

    Once the student has submitted their CCSP, you will be able to view the form by logging in via the button below.  Note that your access is view only – the Principal Supervisor is responsible for entering and submitting an assessment of the form on behalf of the supervisory panel

    Completing the Review (School Approver, HDR Convenor and Graduate Centre Processing)
    •  The form will now advance to the nominated School Approver to review your progress and your supervisor’s recommendation on behalf of the School.
    • After the School Approver has certified the form on behalf of the School, it will either go directly to the HDR Convenor if there is no IP component, or to the Graduate Centre if there is an IP component.
    • Where there is an IP component, following review by the Graduate Centre the form will advance to the HDR Convenor for your Faculty.
    • The HDR Convenor will review your progress together with your Principal Supervisor’s and School Approver’s recommendations on behalf of the School.
    • Once the HDR Convenor has certified the form on behalf of your Faculty, it will then be forwarded to the Graduate Centre for final processing.
    • Your completed CCSP form will be examined by staff in the Graduate Centre and any issues identified will be pursued at the appropriate level. 
    • At the first opportunity, Graduate Centre staff will advise you and your supervisors of the outcome of your CCSP via email.
  • Frequently Asked Questions

    Do you have questions about the Core Component of the Structured Program (CCSP)? Browse through the FAQ's

Core Component of the Structured Program
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