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Adelaide Graduate Centre Induction program

The Adelaide Graduate Centre provides an online induction program for higher degree by research students. Online induction enables all research students to be inducted at the very beginning of their research program, regardless of their research location.

The induction provides a valuable introduction to life as a research student at the University of Adelaide, and is intended to complement your school level induction program. The induction will introduce you to a range of topics and services including:

  • the roles of the Adelaide Graduate Centre and your supervisors
  • the timeframe for your completion of academic milestones and your program
  • research conduct (e.g. authorship, data management, IP and ethics)
  • changing your candidature conditions (e.g. leave, upgrades, transfers and attendance status)
  • the professional development opportunities available to you
  • student services on campus (e.g. library, IT, counselling and disability)
  • keeping your research on track and what to do when things go wrong
  • the role of the education welfare officers (EWOs) and the Adelaide University Union (AUU).

At the end of the Induction you will be asked to complete a quiz on what you have learned. After you have completed the quiz with a pass mark of 100%, Graduate Centre staff will record your completion of the induction milestone.

You must complete the online induction within one month of commencing your research degree. Completion is a compulsory requirement of your candidature and is a prerequisite for the completion of the core component of the structured program.

To access the online induction program, log-in to MyUni and navigate to MyUni Blackboard by clicking on the link ‘Research, non-award & past course content is available in MyUni Blackboard’.  Select the course 'Postgraduate Research Induction' from the course menu. Note that enrolment into the course is via an automated process, if you are unable to access the course 24 hours after the research commencement date you nominated on your enrolment form, please advise the Adelaide Graduate Centre.

Staff and External Supervisors who wish to view the information being provided to their students, can access a web version of the online induction (staff only access).


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