HSW procedure guidance for supervisors

Workplace Inspection Program

The Enforceable Undertaking agreed between the University and SafeWork SA, requires the University introduce an annual workplace Inspection of inherently high risk areas (laboratories, workshops and animal facilities) to be undertaken by academics, supervisors or facilities managers. 

After consultation with Faculty’s and Divisions, supervisors who will be included in this program are academics or professional staff that are 

  • in control of a facility, laboratory or workshop, or that are 
  • in control of a task/activity performed in a facility, laboratory or workshop 

that is inherently high risk and relying on controls to mitigate those risks. Click here to see the list of supervisors who are included in the 2023 inspection program (correct as of 19th May 2023).

In order to spread the impact of performing inspections across the University, a selection of supervisors (approx. 10%) will receive an email on the 1st of the month and be asked to complete the inspection and record any relevant actions in Unisafe within the month.  The Workplace Inspection Program will be run from February to November each year.  Accommodations can be made for pressing business needs to temporarily delay performing an inspection or the inspection can be performed by another responsible staff member who is familiar with the hazards and controls that should be present in the area.

The email will contain links to the Workplace Inspection survey and relevant self-help guidance materials, which are available below.


Procedure Guidance

Use the guides below to refresh your memory on key HSW topics.

The HSW Advisory team provides HSW advice on topics and subjects because it may assist staff and supervisors manage HSW in their local area.  For the list of current HSW Advice documents see here.