Revised FAQs - Fume Cupboards

The information on the Chemical Safety Management Handbook – Fume Cupboards FAQ has been revised.

The purpose of this FAQ is to provide general guidance and information to workers and supervisors in the use of fume cupboards in order to meet the requirements of the Chemical Safety Management handbook chapter

(Note – for the purpose of this information sheet, fume hoods and cabinets have the same meaning as fume cupboards.)

The information includes:

  • When you are required to use a fume cupboard
  • How to determine which type of fume cupboard to use
  • What you need to consider when commissioning a new fume cupboard for a laboratory
  • If a fume cupboard is required, what you need to consider before you start and during the activity
  • Responsibilities for routine maintenance and testing (including testing results and associated costs)

Further information

Should you require further information please contact the HSW Team.

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