Revised FAQs - PPE eye and face protection

The information on the PPE Eye and face protection FAQs has been revised.

The purpose of this Information sheet is to assist users with the selection, use and maintenance of suitable eye and face protection equipment if required by a risk assessment, in accordance with the HSW Handbook Chapter “Hazard Management”.

The information includes:

  • When eye and/or face protection should be considered as a control measure
  • Some examples of hazards that require eye protection and recommended eye protectors
  • The requirements for the issue and fitting of eye and face protectors
  • The requirements for maintenance for eye and face protection
  • The requirements for signage where eye and/or face protection is mandatory prior to entering an area
  • If prescription glasses can be used as eye protection
  • Additional eye protection precautions for workers who wear contact lenses.

Further information

Should you require further information please contact the HSW Team.

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