Human Resources staff wellbeing program

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Wellbeing is the ability to feel good and function effectively in all aspects of our lives. Human Resources have a number of resources and events available free to all fixed term, casual and continuing staff for the remainder of 2021.


Calendar of Activities

2021 wellbeing calendar
August September October November December
  • 6 Free gym sessions across North Tce, Roseworthy and Waite Campus
  • Free judo classes
  • 19: Managing anxiety due to uncertainty webinar
  • 25: Mindfulness practice seminar
  • 6: Overcoming the Imposter Syndrome— Understanding anxiety of ‘not feeling good enough’ seminar
  • 8-29: Coffee and chat with a psychologist
  • 14: Women’s financial wellbeing online webinar ‘Female Focus on Finances’
  • 15 :  Supportive teams and looking after each other online webinar
  • 20: Curious about a plant based diet? Seminar
  • 27: Woman’s Health Seminar with a GP and Physiotherapist 
  • 5: Surviving to Thriving webinar
  • 6: Building a flexible mind set during troubled times seminar.
  • 12: Financial Wellbeing online webinar
  • 13: Aboriginal Cultural Workshop
  • 19: Retirement considerations online webinar
  • 25: Fatigue Management  seminar North Terrace
  • 3 : Fatigue Management  seminar Waite
  • 4: Mental health in Uncertain Times webinar
  • 17: Finding the positives seminar
  • 24: Men’s Health Seminar healthy mind. Wayne Schwass, GP and Psychiatrist.
  • 30: Bowel Cancer seminar

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Recorded activities

  • Managing anxiety due to uncertainty webinar
  • Mood and weight - is there a link?             
  • Mastering stress workshop                             
  • Self-care at work: the benefits and complexities
  • Fatigue Management                                     
  • Managing your financial wellbeing         
  • Building resilience training for managers                                                         
  • Building resilience training for staff                       

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Online modules

Bupa Lifeskills training modules:

  • Building Emotional Intelligence
  • Finding Common Ground (conflict management)                           
  • Building Healthy Coping Skills         
  • Bupa Online Health Assessment

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Health Checks 2021

  • Ongoing: Wellbeing Health Checks

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