Access to facilities on Campus

There are many members of the University community living with a variety of disabilities. Below are some resources to assist you in navigating the University campus.

  • Accessible parking

    Parking on campus
    If you require accessible parking, you will need to apply for a Disability Permit from the Department of Transport.

    Disability Permits are recognised for occasional short-term parking, a three (3) hour limit maximum. If you are parking regularly on the North Terrace campus, a University permit is also required and must be displayed on your dashboard, along with the Disability Permit from the Department of Transport.

    Parking is free on Waite and Roseworthy campuses; therefore, University permits are not required.

    Information about University parking permits can be found here.

    Accessible parking bays are located throughout each of the campuses and are highlighted on the campus maps. In the event all parking bays are occupied, Disability Permit holders can park in any accessible parking bay or plain white lined area, provided their permit from the Department of Transport is clearly displayed.

    The permit is not valid in yellow lined parking bays such as 15 minute bays, loading zones, or reserved spaces.

  • Accessible campus

    If your disability or medical condition impacts on your ability to move around campus, the University’s campus maps may assist you in planning how to get to your destination and navigating the campus.

    North Terrace Campus
    Waite Campus
    Roseworthy Campus

  • Accessible bathroom facilities

    The University has a number of all gender, male and female wheelchair accessible toilets on each of its three campuses. These are highlighted on the campus maps, and this is a full list of accessible bathrooms.