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The University of Adelaide Masterclass Series

Join us between the 20-29 June for an expert-led series of masterclasses designed to deepen your knowledge and enhance your skills across a range of disciplines. From data science and strategic communication to MBA leadership and start-up ventures in community service, our masterclasses offer cutting-edge insights and practical strategies for success. Led by topic academics and industry leaders, these immersive learning experiences provide a unique opportunity to engage with like-minded professionals and expand your network.

Upcoming Masterclasses

  • Media power, truth and misinformation: why journalists need to be watchdogs in the marketplace of ideas

    Strategic Communication
    With Dr Victoria Fielding

    News media has great power to influence public awareness and knowledge about the world and to define what is real or true. But do they always use this power responsibly? This masterclass presents provocative ideas about the mainstream news media’s power to platform and amplify information, and how often this power is used irresponsibly, contributing to a global crisis of dangerous disinformation, conspiracy, and hate. Using examples as diverse as Donald Trump, climate change, and the Voice referendum, this masterclass argues news media is a powerful source of knowledge underpinning a healthy democracy and society. To use this power responsibly, journalists should be watchdogs in the marketplace of ideas.

    Tuesday June 20

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  • Start-up or social enterprise: The entrepreneurial challenge for community service organisations

    Academic Director, The Academy by Deloitte
    With Dr Rajeev Kamineni

    “Operating by the smell of an oily rag”—this is a phrase that we keep hearing about many community service organisations. Is it necessary for community service organisations to lead a hand to mouth existence? Do they follow the cycle of opportunity recognition, team formation and resource allocation? Are volunteers a valuable resource or a drag on the resources? Is there a template for a successful community service organisation? These are the key questions that will be answered in this masterclass.

    Thursday June 29

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  • Communicating through a Crisis: Considerations for Strategic Leadership

    Communicating through a Crisis: Considerations for Strategic Leadership
    With Associate Professor Gary Bowman and Lorraine Caruso 

    Masterclass details coming soon

    Tuesday June 27

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  • Data and Machine Learning: Beyond Technological Solutions

    Data and Machine Learning: Beyond Technological Solutions
    With Professor Lewis Mitchell

    Data and machine learning have untapped potential, but technology and leadership depend on a data science way of thinking, not just access to technology. This talk will introduce data science concepts and illustrate their benefits beyond technological solutions with business and research examples.

    Wednesday June 28

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Lunch and Learn

The University of Adelaide offers Lunch and Learn sessions to industry professionals, providing a unique opportunity for businesses to learn from the expertise of our renowned academics and researchers. During these sessions, attendees can enjoy a delicious lunch on us while gaining valuable insights into cutting-edge research, industry trends and emerging technologies.

With a wide range of topics and themes covered, our Lunch and Learn sessions are an excellent way for industry professionals and organisations to stay-up-date with the latest advancements and connect with experts in their field.

Contact us to learn more about how the University of Adelaide can support business growth through our Lunch and Learn program at your organisation.

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