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Titleholder - Conferral of Honorary Roles


Roles, Responsibilities and Actions

  • List of chapter contents for reference
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    3 - Initial assessment and application
    4 - Approving or declining a new title application (Level A to C only) in the on-line system
    5 - Approving or declining a new title application (Level D only) in the on-line system
    6 - Approving or declining a new title application (Level E only) in the on-line system
    7 - Renewing an existing title
    8 - Approving or declining renewal or termination of an existing title (Levels A to C only)
    9 - Approving or declining renewal or termination of an existing title (Level D only)

    10 - Approving or declining renewal of an existing title (Level E only)
    11 - Cessation of titles prior to the designated end date
    12 - Obligations and duties
    13 - University provisions
    14 - Reviewing the Approved Organisations Register

    Appendix A - Titles and Eligibility Criteria

Frequently Asked Questions

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Forms and Templates

  • Information and Application for Applicants
    Prior to initiating an application for a new honorary title, please ensure that you have:
    • Considered the nature and the extent of your intended involvement in the academic work of the University.
    • A current CV which includes qualifications, relevant teaching and/or research experience, a list of publications (as applicable) and contact details of at least three referees.
    • Read and accepted the University Policies for Conferring Honorary Roles, the Behaviour & Conduct Policy, Fraud and Corruption Control Policy, Intellectual Property Policy and Conflict of Interest clause.
    • If applicable:
      • Access to the email address used by you during your current or previous association with the University. If the University has a record of that address, an email will be sent containing further information to simplify the application process.
      • The details of any other title held in this or another University (Title, Title End Date, Faculty/School, University and Country).
      • Your APHRA (Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency) Registration details, if applying for a Clinical Title.
      • The details of your current Organisation and the Position Held at that organisation as per the Approved Organisations register, if applying for an Affiliate Title.
      • A Working with children check (DCSI) and/or Police check (SAPOL), if applying for an honorary title which is a prescribed position.  For more information refer to the Pre-Employment Screening Procedure.

    Please note that current staff members working more than 0.5 FTE are not eligible to apply for a title.

    Please allow 10 to 15 min to complete an application.  If you are unable to complete it in one session, the application will need to be initiated again.

  • Information for Faculty/School Delegates (School Contacts) and Approvers

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