Learning and Development

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the way we work, the way we access learning, and influenced the content we seek.

In response, the Human Resources team is sourcing easily accessible ‘chunks’ of learning which aim to support individuals and teams navigate the new world of work through a range of resources covering topics such as Wellbeing and Leading through Change and Uncertainty.

Online Offerings

Access guidance and support specific to leading, managing and working in unprecedented circumstances. Choose from web based articles, videos, webinars and LinkedIn Learning content

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Development programs

Leading at Adelaide

Leading at Adelaide is the leadership development framework that supports the development of world class leaders across the University.

Managing at Adelaide

Managing at Adelaide is a framework designed to provide broad and timely access to a suite of management development workshops and web-based resources which are focused on the practical day to day elements of success as a manager of people and function.

Developing at Adelaide

Developing at Adelaide is the staff learning and developing framework that provides continuous resources and opportunities to all staff across the University for building work capability.

Calendar of events

Due to COVID-19 restriction all workshops for the remainder of 2020 have been cancelled. Please keep an eye out on our website for the 2021 Learning and Development Calendar.

Calendar of events

Advice and referral

We also provide advice and referral to appropriate training and development providers, internal and external to the University, for leadership and management development, team development, change management, performance development, business planning, finance skills, project management, career development and essential workplace skills.

Please contact us to discuss alternatives to assist individuals and groups.

You may also find the development solution you're seeking through University providers PCE and Executive Education.