Draft HSW Stakeholder consultation - Plant/Equipment safety management (V4.0)

Human Resources have been working on the revised HSW Handbook chapter “Plant/equipment safety management.

The key changes to the chapter for noting are:

  1. Alignment of the draft with the requirements of the HSW Handbook chapters for Hazard Management; Provision of Information, Instruction and Training (including the recording of licences in SSO); Report a safety issue; Alcohol and drugs management in higher risk workplaces; and Managing HSW in the work environment.
  2. Removal of the requirements for Electrical safety management.  These requirements have been transferred to a new dedicated Electrical safety management chapter (which is also out for Uni consultation).
  3. Clarification of the responsibilities for the Supervisor/Person in control of the area/activity.
  4. Inclusion of examples of control measures for plant/equipment in Appendix C, to assist areas to meet the requirements of the WHS legislation (e.g. for safe-guarding, operational controls, emergency stops and warning devices, powered mobile plant (including the management of traffic hazards in accordance with the traffic management plan), industrial lift trucks, industrial robots.)
  5. Inclusion of the responsibilities for Prescribed equipment that is, or may at some stage, have been capable of being used in the manufacture of controlled drugs.
  6. Reinforcement of the responsibilities for areas that manufacture/construct plant/equipment to ensure that hazards are managed throughout all phases of the manufacture/construction (e.g. from the start to the completion of a student project in a workshop/laboratory).


It would be appreciated if you could review and provide any feedback/suggested amendments to the HSW Team

via email using track changes before COB – Thursday 17 December 2020.

Further information

Should you wish to discuss any of the changes or requirements please do not hesitate to contact your Senior HSW Advisor.


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