HSW Stakeholder consultation - Management of controlled substances and controlled plants (V1.0)

Human Resources have been working on a new dedicated HSW Handbook chapter for the “Management of controlled substances and controlled plants.

[Noting that the specific requirements for the management of controlled substances and controlled plants will be taken out of the HSW Handbook chapter Chemical safety management as part of the next revision.

This Chapter should be read in conjunction with the Chemical Safety Management Handbook where the substance is also a hazardous chemical and/or a dangerous goods (see the definitions within the chapter)].

The key responsibilities/sections of the chapter for noting are:

  1. Alignment of the responsibilities to the Controlled Substances Act 1984 (SA), Controlled Substances (Controlled Drugs, Precursors and Plants) Regulations 2014 (SA), Controlled Substances (Poisons) Regulations 2011 (SA) to ensure that all controlled substances and controlled plants possession, use, storage and disposal comply with legislative requirements.
  2. The provision of specific storage, handling, labelling, transport and disposal requirements for S2 – S7 substances, S8 and S9 substances, 17A, 17B and 17C precursors and controlled plants and to reinforce that under no circumstances are S8, S9 and 17A and controlled plants to be held in any store/area that has shared access e.g. Badger chemical store.
  3. Reinforcement of the requirements of the University’s Controlled Substances Permit S2 – S7 and the conditions of the permit which covers Adelaide, Waite, Roseworthy and Thebarton campuses.  It is important to note that a breach of the conditions of the University’s permit is an unlawful act which could result in a loss of the University’s permit and hence the ability to purchase and hold these types of substances.
  4. The requirements in the event of a loss or theft of a S8, S9 substance, 17A precursor or controlled plant and the reporting and investigation requirements.  
  5. Reinforcement of the requirements for emergency contingency arrangements to be included in the Provision of information and instruction for workers and on the risk assessment, to ensure workers are aware of the procedures for the use of spill kits, emergency showers/eyewash stations and first aid provisions.

Note: that consultation over the Chapter will also be advertised through Staff News under the Policy section.


It would be appreciated if you could review and provide any feedback/suggested amendments to the HSW Team

via email using track changes before COB – Thursday 17 December 2020.

Further information

Should you wish to discuss any of the changes or requirements please do not hesitate to contact your Senior HSW Advisor.

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