Parenting Rooms and Women's Lounge

Parenting rooms are located in the following areas:

Building Campus Map reference
Nexus 10 Tower, level 2 North Terrace R14
Ingkarni Wardli, ground level North Terrace F12
Napier, ground level North Terrace L14
Rundle Mall Plaza, level 3 North Terrace S2
Adelaide Health & Medical Sciences, level 2 North Terrace N/A
Adelaide Health & Medical Sciences, level 10 North Terrace N/A
Waite building, ground level Waite campus D2
Lady Symon, basement (women's lounge) North Terrace D6

Campuses & maps North terrace campus map  Waite campus map

For more information about each of the parenting facilities, and access, please refer to buildings and grounds