Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Pursuing an agenda of equity and inclusion within our University community.

The University of Adelaide was founded in 1874 with a noble goal: to prepare, for South Australia, young leaders shaped by education, rather than birth or wealth, in a settlement free of old-world social and religious inequalities.

The University’s Strategic Plan, Future Making , shaping the University’s trajectory through to its 150th year and beyond, is explicit in the University’s commitment to diversify its student cohort, with greater access and equity, and in valuing our staff.  This is reinforced by the Staff Values and Behaviour Framework .

The University addresses structural and cultural impediments to diversity and inclusion through its various action plans (Yangadlitya – Reconciliation Action Plan, the Disability Inclusion Action Plan (DIAP), and the Dornwell Framework [MA1]  – staff gender equity strategy), the implementation of which are promoted and supported by working parties and monitored by the Vice-Chancellor’s Executive.

Gender equity

The University of Adelaide believes strongly in gender equality, and has a long history of championing the rights of women in higher education. 

Dornwell Framework - Staff Gender Equity Strategy



The University of Adelaide remains committed to working in partnership with the Indigenous Australian Community in a spirit of cooperation and reconciliation. 

Yangadlitya - Reconciliation Action Plan


The University of Adelaide is committed to being welcoming and inclusive of staff and students with a disability.

Disability Inclusion Action Plan