Plant/Equipment Safety Management Handbook Chapter

Roles, responsibilities and actions

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Tools, forms and templates

  • Acquisition, installation and commissioning (appendix A) (Word Doc/PDF)
  • Plant/equipment decision tree (appendix B) (Word Doc/PDF)
  • Risk controls - hierarchy of control (appendix C) (Word Doc/PDF)
  • Tag and lockout procedure of plant/equipment (appendix D) (Word Doc/PDF)
  • Registration and licensing (appendix E) (Word Doc/PDF)
  • Requirements for RCDs (appendix F) (Word Doc/PDF)
  • Fatigue management (appendix G) (Word Doc/PDF)
  • Electrical testing and inspection (appendix H) (Word Doc/PDF)
  • School/branch records (appendix I) (Word Doc/PDF)
  • Disposal of plant/equipment (appendix J) (Word Doc/PDF)
  • Design and manufacture of plant/equipment (appendix K) (Word Doc/PDF)
  • Acquisition, installation and commissioning check list (Word Doc/PDF)
  • Electrical safety testing decision tree (PDF)
  • Vehicle pre-commissioning checklist (PDF)

Legislation and guidelines

Further information